Saturday, 7 June 2014

Tuckpointing: Does Your Property Really Require It?

Crumbling mortar from your chimneys and brick walls needs to be cut out and replaced with new mortar to not only strengthen the joints but also to avoid water and structural damage. Tuckpointing is an ideal solution and is easier to implement than you think.

Most people ignore to pay attention to the condition of the materials that make up their home. Then be it brick or stone, they’re supposed to last a lifetime, right?  While the actual material may last forever, the material that is used to join the bricks together may not last for quite so long. These are the mortar joints which when exposed to changing weather conditions may start showing signs of wear and tear. Here is where Tuckpointing is used to essentially repair damaged mortar joints. 

What Does The Process Involve?
Tuckpointing simply involves repairing of damaged mortar joints. When Tuckpointing contractors in Oak Park come over to your house, they first remove the old mortar (to a certain depth) and replace it with new one resulting into strengthening of the joints.

 Does Your Property Require It?
Many people struggle to decide whether they need to call tuckpointing contractors in Chicago to get it done professionally. However, it’s quite simple to determine whether your property requires tuckpointing or not. Simply scrape the edge of one of your mortar joints and if the scraped mortar turns into powder, call upon masonry contractors in Hinsdale.
Is Tuckpointing Necessary?
Yes, tuckpointing is absolutely vital if the mortar joints at your property have started deteriorating. If ignored, the weakened joints may lead to accelerated wear and tear of the bricks causing permanent damage.
Tuckpointing Can Save You Expensive Future Repairs
Ignoring the importance of on time tuckpointing can further deteriorate your walls. Repairing damaged walls would certainly cost you more money than a simple tuckpointing process.  
From inspection to masonry restoration, whatever is your tuckpointing need, the Fortune Restoration's masonry contractors offer a wide range of services at your convenience. Contact us at 847-647-2500 and get a free quote today!



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