Monday, 30 June 2014

Tuckpointing Tips for Starters & DIY Enthusiasts

Tuckpointing is a skill that can be acquired by practice and experience.

Tuckpointing is essentially used to remove mortar that is crumbling and old and replace it with a fresh batch. If you feel reluctant or less confident do call in the masonry contractors from Hinsdale. Let’s read on about things that you must keep in mind.
1. Matching is Essential
Keep a small piece of the chipped mortar aside. Carry it to the masonry in order to get a fresh batch that matches it perfectly.
2. Be Careful Of the Depth
Use a chisel with caution. When removing the mortar do not go below a depth of an inch or more. Beware any deeper and you may cause more damage than you can see.
3. Multi Layering Is Crucial
Your job does not stop at one layer of mortar. You have to keep laying until you get a smooth and even finish. It is best to apply thin layers, and re apply once they are dry.

4. You Are Not a Pro
Let’s not be over confident and take on a big project the first time. Start small and concentrate on a small section before you move forward. As tuckpointing contractors in Oak Park will point out, there have been cases where over enthusiasm has caused a whole section of the wall to collapse. Finish one section, allow the mortar to dry completely and then move on.
5. Be clean
Once you start applying mortar you will realize that it stains bricks and once it dries up it can be very tricky to remove. The easiest solution to prevent that is to mix one part of muriatic acid with ten parts of water. Apply this to the bricks in generous quantities before you start the project.
6. Don’t panic
If at any stage you feel that you are losing control of the project. Call the experts remember they are just a phone call away.


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