Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Important reasons to tuckpointing your chimney

The mortar joints on the wall and chimney can get damaged due to harsh weather, particularly due to an excessive amount of water. The processes of repairing the mortar joints is called tuckpointing and must carried out by professionals. 

Generally, the bricks on the chimney and walls will last for years and decades, but the mortar used to hold the bricks together can see deterioration in a much shorter time period. The mortar will being to deplete and wash off depending largely on the amount of its exposure to elements – water and heat, precisely. 

With severe exposure to elements, the masonry will only last for a few years and then it will require repair. Masonry contractors Park Ridge, painting contractors Hinsdale and tuckpointing contractors Hinsdale, are amid thousands of other contractors around the world that suggest tuckpointing as the best solution to fix deteriorating mortar. Tuckpointing, According to tuckpointing contractors in Chicago helps remove damaged mortar and replaces it with fresh mix.

What does tuckpointing involve?
  • Tuckpointing would include grinding off the old and damaged mortar to an even depth 
  • Then filling the new mortar in the created groves 
  • Tool the fresh mortar evenly for a fine finish
Advantages of tuckpointing

When asked about the benefits of tuckpointing, tuckpointing contractors in Park Ridge,painting contractors Lakeview and painting contractors Lincoln Park, informed that the process of repairing mortar –

  • Helps prevent any further cracking or damage of mortar joints 
  • Helps in preserving and elongating the life of mortar joints and thus the life of the chimney
  • Helps restore the chimney to its usual best. It makes the chimney aesthetically more appealing 
  • Mortar repair helps in prevent moisture and water from seeping into the chimney
  • Masonry repair is cheaper than complete chimney repair



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