Monday, 14 July 2014

5 Reasons that Make Timely Tuckpointing Necessary

If your home is over 25 years old, it’s time to get it tuckpointed.

If you want your home to provide protection to your family and belongings for a long time, then it is essential to keep the structure well maintained at all times. Tuckpointing is an essential repair service that the walls and the chimneys in your house need from time to time.
Let’s look at some reasons which reiterate the need for Tuckpointing in Chicago or elsewhere:
1. Protection from the Elements
The most obvious reason for tuckpointing is the protection it provides to the home from harsh weather conditions. It keeps away any moisture that may otherwise intrude inside the bricks or stone.
2. Adds Value and Aesthetic Appeal to the Home
We all want to return to a pretty and strong looking home after a long tiring day. An even mortar finish on the outside makes your home look well kept and reflects well on the homeowners personality.

3. Provides Insulation and Protection
Tuckpointing will not make your energy costs to suddenly dip, but done well it will surely keep them in control. It also provides your home with protection against bugs, pests, and unwanted climbers and creepers. Remember, a maple tree requires space less than an inch to germinate. It protects you against small pests like rats, bats, birds and squirrels.
4. Prevents Deterioration of the Building
Tuckpointing improves the integrity of the structure by maintaining its strength and basic structure.
5. Adds Value to Your Home
Most of us consider our homes to be a long term investment. If you restore the masonry work by employing a tuckpointing specialist, the overall value of the home stands to increase. A home that looks in need of repairs reflects badly in the market. Restored exteriors take the value of your property up in the real estate market.
Hire the best masonry repair professionals, tuckpointing experts and exterior painters in Chicago to keep your home fit and beautiful as ever.


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