Monday, 14 July 2014

Why You May Need Tuckpointing Services

A good mortar job on the chimney and the walls can last as long as 25 years and even more!
Avoid a situation, where you may have to rebuild a wall or the chimney. Have your property maintained by a good tuckpointing services company. Let’s read about the benefits of getting your property tuckpointed. 
1. Understanding Tuckpointing
Replacement of old mortar with new one is called tuckpointing. The experts in masonry repair in Chicago, for example, remove the old mortar till a certain depth and replace it with a fresh batch.
A good tuckpointing services company will know exactly how deep to go and do the repairs without causing any damage to the basic structure.

2. Why Is It Needed?
Loose mortar allows the moisture to enter your walls and cause a slow deterioration of the complete structure. The bricks may get loose, fall out and in a worst case scenario, the complete wall or chimney can collapse. Check the mortar by rubbing a key over it. If the mortar falls out like powder, you need to call in an expert right away.

3. Benefits of getting your chimney and walls tuckpointed
The benefits of getting tuckpointing are manifold. There are many painters in Chicago who will be able to take care of all your repair related needs. The main advantages are –

  • It controls the rate of corrosion in the building.
  • It makes the chimney and the walls waterproof and prevents moisture from entering.
  • It strengthens the structure and saves the rebuilding cost.
  • Tuckpointing saves in recurring energy costs as there is near zero energy loss from open cracks or loose mortar.
  • A building that has been tuckpointed definitely looks better than the one without it.  
  • It adds to the market value of a property 

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